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Looking afteer your skin at winter..

Posted: Tue, 09 December 2014, 10:53

Winter plays havoc on skin leaving it dry, dehydrated and, if you are very unfortunate it can also leave it chapped. You can wrap up like an eskimo, but the cold air will still find a way. So here are our top tips to keeping your skin in top condition easily.

By incorporating these simple products into your daily skincare regime, you’ll feel the benefits in a matter of days.

Hand cream
Hands are generally the first to really show the winter cold. You can prevent chapped, sore hands by regularly applying a hand cream, especially after you have been running water over them. We love the Green Angel hand cream. It smells amazing and works wonders.

A more budget friendly hand cream is the Vaseline Healthy Hands and Stronger Nails hand cream, available in a handbag friendly 75ml.

Daytime face moisturiser
This should be used all year round but if not, winter time is ideal to make a point of applying moisturiser every morning. A moisturiser with an SPF is ideal as it will also protect your skin from any UV damage.

Moisturise your face before you put on your makeup to prevent dry, flaky areas, which can occur around the nose and cheek bones. This simple step will have amazing long term and short term benefits, as well as helping your makeup look better for longer.

We recommend Green Angel Daily Moisturiser and Nivea Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Energising Day Cream SPF15 50ml - email our pharmacist for a specific recommendation for your skin type.

Body Moisturisers
Just like the face, make sure you apply a moisturiser to your entire body, paying close attention to your knees and elbows. Just because it may not be directly exposed to the cold winter air does not mean that it does not need a form of protection too. We love the MooGoo Full Cream Moisturiser as a great allrounder! But if you are looking for a quick drying day to day cream then Dove Silky Nourishment Body Cream is a great alternative.

Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin at least once a week - both your face and your body. The point of exfoliation is is to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells will build up over time which can block pores and create blemishes. The easiest way to combat this is a use a good exfoliator weekly. We recommend the Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother, which is downright amazing! It moisturises all by itself and has an aroma to die for. It is the ultimate treat to yourself. And as you are only using it once a week, it lasts. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then go with the Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub for only €4.50.

Night cream
Your body repairs itself at night. A good night’s sleep is as important to your body as exercise. Help yourself out and give your skin an extra hydration boost by thickly applying night cream to your face each night. This will help prevent wrinkle and waking up to dry, dull skin. Remember, prevention is always better that treatment, and a night cream is the best way to wake up glowing. We love the Green Angel Seaweed Night Cream plus. It works wonders and really helps your skin in the winter months. Simple Repair Anti Wrinkle Night Cream is a cheaper alternative and as effective, but only if you commit to using the cream every night.

Lip balm
Lips are where you might notice winter the most. They can easily become chapped in the winter and can be very difficult to repair. Keep your lips soft by regularly applying a layer of balm or even petroleum jelly over them this will help prevent dreaded chapped and sore lips. Dr PawPaw is new to the market and if you get a chance to try it this winter then do. If not, vaseline is the trusty go-to for winter lips.