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Ovelle Menthol & Wintergreen Cream is Back!

Posted: Mon, 07 September 2015, 16:58

This week we welcomed Menthol & Wintergreen Cream, by Ovelle Pharmaceuticals, back onto our shelves. This product has been unavailable since the beginning of the summer but we are happy to now have Menthol & Wintergreen Cream available to buy again.

This traditional cream is very popular for the relief of joint pain and muscle pain. It is also very useful for massaging into muscles before or after a workout or exercise. It provides pain relief without many of the very strong smells like some other products in this category.

This non greasy, easily absorbed product can be massaged into the afected area several times each day.

Use for: Symptomatic relief of muscular pains, lumbago, rheumatic pain, fibrositis and strains.