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Stress Less with Inish Pharmacy

Posted: Thu, 09 April 2015, 11:19

Studying for exams imageSpring and summer mean longer days, maybe less rain and warmer weather. But of course there are the many students who will now be preparing for/dreading their upcoming exams or final assignments..

Inish Pharmacy have put together a simple way of helping you prepare for your exams. Keeping your body in a good healthy condition is essential to productive study.


According to New York Times writer Gertrude Reynold’s, getting just 20 minutes of exercise per day can affect your body’s ability to gain and retain information. So getting out of the house for that quick kickabout of football, or short walk can be as effective to you in the long run as an additional 20 minutes of study. It will also help to clear the head and maintain a positive attitude.

However, exercise will only help you to retain information during periods of study. It will not make you pass an exam without having to study at all..

Go for a walk

You are what you eat

A healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables is also key to optimum brain health. You may find during study periods that you crave sweet foods or begin to rely on energy drinks. This is your body craving energy. A better way to cater for this and curve past the craving is to use energy vitamins, these are better for your diet, mental health and do not cause tooth decay. Its a no-brainer really (excuse the pun).

Inish Pharmacy recommend supplements such as:

There is also an extensive supply of Vitamins and supplements which can also be highly beneficial to students. These can include vitamins B12 but also Omega-3 supplements for increased brain health who need to increase their memory.

Inish Pharmacy recommended supplements are:

No Man is an Island

Spend time with your petsMaintain healthy Relationships. Humans are highly social creatures, cutting yourself off from society to study can have a negative effect. Spending time with friends is essential to your emotional health and your brain health. And if a human isn’t available, then don’t overlook spending time with a pet..

Don’t Worry and Be Happy

Worry and panic are often the main causes for blunders in an exam. Take your time and read

your exam questions properly. If you or a loved one is very nervous about an upcoming exam then try Stress Less by Kelkin.


Good luck in your exams from all of us at Inish Pharmacy!

If you would like any more advice on how to get ready for your exam then please email or call into one of our pharmacists.