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The not so secret Curl Secret.

Posted: Fri, 07 November 2014, 14:48

The Babyliss Curl Secret is my not so secret weapon. I rave about the device. It is a quick and easy, Wham Bam, instantly glam, curly hair tool. End of story.

 The device is handheld, as the curls are formed so quickly, your don’t have to worry about the dead-arm-effect that usually comes from hair tongs or the burned fingers of the curling wand. The device works by drawing the hair into the ceramic, curl chamber where it is heated gently from all directions to form the perfect curl. The curl is then released, no tugging, no pulling, no fuss. The device comes with a detailed instruction leaflet and heatproof mat and a velvet drawstring bag. Perfect for travelling. Overall it is wonderfully practical, you know that Babyliss wanted to achieve the perfect product when they created the Curl Secret.


The two temperatures on the device are developed for different hair types. The lower temperature is for delicate, fine or coloured hair. Which is the one that I used, as my hair is very prone to breakages - better safe than sorry. The second temperature is higher and suited to thick or normal hair. There are three timer settings and an audio beep indicator. These settings will determine the type of curl created, loose waves, soft curls and curls, which means that you can do your hair in a variety of different curls, leaving a really natural looking, beautiful head of hair.


To make the curl, you need to:

  1. Have completely clean, brushed hair.

  2. Separate your hair into small sections, no bigger that 3cm wide; any larger and the machine will reject your strand.

  3. Keep the velvet core (on the device)  facing your head to prevent any damage or tangling of the hair.

  4. Place the strand of hair into the Curl Secret with your hair dangling out of the other side of the device. You can decide where you want the curl to start, close to the root or lower. It is entirely up to you, and therefore you have a look that is uniquely yours.

  5. Close the two handles, your strand will be sucked in, and then just wait for the beeps. Do not be alarmed by them. It is great having the thought taken out of the process and you know each curl will be identical. Practice this (on different strands) and get figure out which heat setting you like best before you begin a whole head of curls. If you do not like one, brush it out and try again in a few minutes. The best brush for this is a Tangle Teaser. (Don’t worry when the hair is sucked in- there is a safety release, the Curl Secret will not keep your hair forever).

  6. When the styler has completed a curl, you will hear the beeps,  release the handle and slowly pull the styler away. So here is the only tricky bit, figuring out how well your head holds the curl. You can pin the curl, and spritz it with hairspray if you have really fine straight hair as it might need that extra bit of help. If you have a natural wave in your hair, it should be fine as it is. Refrain from messing with any curls until they have cooled. Trust me.

Follow these six steps and you should only be twenty minutes away from a head of perfect curls. Try different settings and create different looks. It is a fantastic device and so easy to use. We love it and hope you do too. Buy here