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The Skin Nerd Recommends ULTRAPURE Sensitive Range

Posted: Wed, 14 November 2018, 20:20

We are delighted to now stock the new Sensitive range from ULTRAPURE Laboratories, both instore and online and offer delivery of the full ULTRAPURE range across Ireland and internationally.

The new Sensitive range consists of 5 keys products and is specially designed for skin that is reactive and sensitive to any other products, although all skin types can get the benefits from using the products! Products include the Sensitive Moisturiser (fragrance free or with essential oils), Calm Hydrating Serum, Cooling Menthol Body Creams and the Soothing Hydrating Body Lotion. The lotion and body cream are excellent for treating eczema and psoriasis in both children and adults.

Recently the range was featured on Ireland AM by The Skin Nerd, Jennifer Rock, who many of you know is Ireland's most prominent skincare expert and has made so much helpful knowledge through her social media channels.

Jennifer explains why she likes the ULTRAPURE Sensitive range...

'Ultrapure is an Irish brand, it's made in Mayo. What's really clever about it is that it has Vitamin A, Vitamin E, it's just laced in Jojoba, Avocado, Marshmallow and all ingredients that actually restore the PH, which is the nerdy way to say like.. the sensitive layer of your skin if you will. So what's clever again is that their face cream that you're now rubbing onto the back of your hand, feels divine.. which is always important. This is completely fragrance free so there's no fragrance in it which is phenomenal because if you're prone to sensitivity, you tend to be kind of cautious of anything with harsh chemicals or anything that would have sort of really pungent smells to it. What is really clever is that they also have the same cream but with essential oils in it, so it's still a natural way of getting ingredients into the skin if you do like a scent or aroma. So I have a lot of time for this and their body lotion is divine! It's absolutely safe for children.

I'm a big believer when you have sensitive skin, it has to be affordable, it has to be accessible, it can't be something that's kind of hard to get.. but again it just slides on, it glides on and I personally adore their face cream, I think it has enough nourishment to sit underneath make-up, protect the skin and helps to rebuild the barrier that we need when we have really irritated skin.'