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Alflorex Precision Biotic

Alflorex Precision Biotic

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  • Results 1-3 of 3


Alflorex is a new unique probiotic created by University College Cork and Alimentary Health. Alflorex differs to other probiotics on the market and can help ease the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Containing the unique elite B.infantis 35624; clinically tested in IBS and shown to reduce

  • Abdominal discomfort
  • Passage of gas
  • Bloating distention 

Alflorex is the only PrecisionBiotic in Ireland that contains the unique and patented cultureBifidobacterium infantis 35624 (BIFORTIF). The BIFORTIF culture (B. infantis 35624) is a precision strain that goes to work where needed.

PrecisionBiotics - Not all cultures are alike.
Like humans, bacterial cultures are as unique as you are. However, some are more specialised than others.The benefits of bacterial cultures depend on the type (or strain) of bacteria present. Alflorex contains the unique BIFORTIF culture (B. infantis 35624).

PrecisionBiotics are elite bacterial cultures.
Our science is showing us that a new level of specialisation can be achieved with PrecisionBiotics. PrecisionBiotics are bacterial cultures that are highly specialised, and through science, can be selected for targeted action.

More is not necessarily better - Different cultures behave in different ways and at different levels. With PrecisionBiotics more doesn't mean better. You just need enough to do the job the culture has been selected for.

Alflorex contains 1 billion B. infantis 35624 bacteria at the time of manufacture and more than enough to keep working at end of shelf life.

What is BIFORTIF culture (B. infantis  35624)?
BIFORTIF is Alimentary Health’s trademarked name for the strain Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis 35624 (B. infantis 35624) in Ireland. BIFORTIF culture (B. infantis 35624) is a precision strain which goes to work only where needed. B. infantis 35624 has over 15 years of scientific research and over 50 peer reviewed publications. B. infantis 35624 is the No.1 recommended Gastroenterologist recommend probiotic in the U.S.


  • I have been taking Alflorex for nearly two months now. My problem was frequent bouts of diarrhoea and bloating which I had experienced for at least 15 years. They had got worse in the last year or two. Even after one week taking the product I noticed a huge improvement and it has continued ever since. I can highly recommend Alflorex." Jane, June 2014
  • "I am so happy that im feeling away better after suffering with very bad ibs ur new tablet has giving me hope after eleven years to get back my life again thank you so much" Susan, June 2014

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