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Sequaderma is a new unique skincare range that has recently been launched. The range offers effective and quality solutions to help relieve a range of common skin conditions. The range has 5 products that are all designed specifically for certain skin conditions such as Rosacea, Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne and Anti-Ageing. The Sequaderma user reviews have all shown visible results after a few weeks of use, due to the active ingredients that are passed into the skin.

What is Sequaderma

Sequaderma understand that every skin condition is different and their products reflect this. Each product addresses specific symptoms of a particular condition that supports the skin’s own repair mechanisms and offers long-term relief.  The products contain only the highest quality ingredients to minimise the potential for skin irritation. Only ingredients essentials for the activity of the Sequaderma products are included. Patented Sequasome particles enable the key ingredients to be passed into the skin, allowing for hydration and helping the skin to recover.

The Sequaderma range is also suitable for people who have multiple skin care conditions.  Their products are drug free, have been clinically tested and they are free from artificial colouring and fragrance.

Effects of using Sequaderma

This image shows a customer of Sequaderma before the product has been used and the after effect of the product. The before photo shows that the skin appears red, inflamed, and very irritated.

The after photo shows the effect of using Sequaderma for 6 weeks.  The after image visibly shows that the skin looks healthier and more hydrated. 


How to apply Sequaderma

The cream should be spread thinly over the area and left to dry. You do not need to keep rubbing Sequaderma until it is absorbed.

After 10 minutes, the cream should be dry, or touch dry. If you want to apply a moisturiser or makeup after this, wipe any excess Sequaderma from the skin with a wet tissue. If you do not wipe the skin after drying, it is perfectly safe to leave the Sequaderma on the skin after it dries.