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Naqi Visage Supreme No 4 Outdoor Face Protection 50ml


Naqi Visage Supreme No 4 Outdoor Face Protection 50ml View Large Image

Natural protection of your face all year round

Naqi Visage Supreme No 4 Outdoor Face Protection contains Ectoin. Ectoin is derived from a halophilic bacteria that survive extreme environments and harsh conditions

  • Helps increase and stabilise moisture content of the skin.
  • Helps sustain moisture in the skin.
  • Helps accumulate moisture for several days after the end of application.
  • Helps protect the skin against the harsh effects (dryness, roughness) of surfactants (detergents, soap).
  • Helps skin remain moist and supple.
  • Anti-stress factor: helps skin help itself.
  • Anti-pollution.
  • Helps protect against photo-aging (environment is said to be a major external factor of skin aging).
  • Ectoin helps the skin guard against the effects of photo-aging.
  • Anti-dryness - boost moisture: helps decrease the appearance of visible fine lines and dryness.
  • Ectoin provides large hydration shell and holds water molecules tightly.
  • Moisture boost.
  • Helps provide support to the skin that is stressed as a result of UV radiation.
  • Helps address the moisture needs of aged, dry, irritated skin.
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Ectoin is a natural active substance. It was discovered in halophilic bacteria e.g. Ectothiorhodospira halochloris, which survive and grow under extreme conditions in salt lakes, sea water and saline deserts. These halophilic bacteria are exposed to high dose UV-irradiation, dryness, extreme temperatures andhigh salinity but nevertheless manage to adapt to these inhospitable conditions: a special molecule, namely Ectoin, guarantees their survival. The biopolymers of the bacteria are stabilised by Ectoin and as a result are protected against damaging external stress factors.

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