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Containing pure co-enzyme Q10 as ubiquinone, Pharma Nord Q10 can help with tiredness and fatique by contributing to the boss's energy yielding metabolism. Pharma Nord Q10 is the gold standard of Q10, providing both excellent quality and bioavailability

  • Gluten free
How To Use

Take one capsule daily, unless otherwise advised. Swallow whole, with or after a meal.

Active Ingredients

Co-enzyme Q10 (as ubiquinone) 30mg
Vitamin C 12mg

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What is Bio-Quinon Q10?

Bio-Quionon Q10 was launched in 1990 and was one of the first Q10 preparations on the European market. The soft light-proof gelatin capsules each contain 30 mg coenzyme Q10 dissolved in vegetable oil. The active compound has extremely good bio-availability due to the fact that the oil matrix in which it is contained has been submitted to a special type of heating that enables the molecules to dissolve completely. Bio-Quinon Q10’s superior bio-availability is documented in many studies. The many years on the European market makes Bio-Quionon Q10 into one of the most well-proven Q10 products.

What is coenzyme Q10?

Coenzyme Q10 (or just Q10) is a vitamin-like substance. It's also called ubiqinon (ubi is Latin and means ”everywhere”). Bio-Quinon Q10 Gold contains vitamin C that contributes to a normal energy-yielding  metabolism. When a cell needs energy it convert fat, carbohydrate, protein, and alcohol to the ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a molecule that stores energy in its chemical form. The cell breaks down the ATP molecule and releases the energy trapped inside. The entire process takes place inside the cells in some small bean-shaped structures called mitochondria. In all mitochondria coenzyme Q10 is found. Muscle cells are particularly dependent on large amounts of energy, which is why muscle cells contain substantially more mitochondria than other types of cells. The heart muscle is a good example of body tissue with cells that contain a large number of mitochondria and have a correspondingly large energy requirement.

Bio-Quinone Q10

  • Has been one of the most widely sold Q10 supplements for decades because of its
    extensive documentation for bio-availability
  • Contains Q10 that is identical with the coenzyme Q10 produced endogenously by
  • The form of coenzyme Q10 used in this product is the natural all-trans form that is
    devoid of synthetic cis-isomers. It does not contain any of the pollutants that can be
    found in other Q10 raw materials, most of which are undocumented

Coenzyme Q10 with vitamin C has an ability to eliminate reactive oxygen species (ROS) that may occur naturally as byproducts of the body’s metabolism, or as a result of external factors like radiation or chemical pollution. Vitamin C is therefore called an antioxidant, because of it's roll in protecting cells against oxidative stress.

In a UK consumer study containing 1200 patients, 98% recommend Pharma Nord Q10.

Boosting energy: 52%
52% of Pharma Nord Q10 users said they chose the product for energy. The vitamin-like substance is the 'spark plug' responsible for energy production in over 100 trillion cells, and contributes to ninety-five per cent of the body's daily energy output. Many people seek to improve their appetite for activity and recovery from exercise, and this makes coenzyme Q10 a popular choice.

Heart support, backed by research: 42%
42% of respondents said that they maintain a healthy heart using Bio-Quinone and BioActive Q10. This comes as no surprise, given that heart muscle cells consume huge volumes of coenzyme Q10, yet the body synthesises less as we age. Low levels of coQ10 have been found in tissue samples taken from heart failure patients.

Pharma Nord's Bio-Quinone Q10 has featured in several heart health studies, the most recent of which being KiSel-10. This randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial took place over 5 years using healthy older adults taking two 100mg Bio-Quinone GOLD capsules plus 200µg SelenoPrecise organic selenium daily, or placebo. The results from the treatment group demonstrated a 54% reduction in cardiovascular deaths and an improvement in heart ejection fraction, as well as reduced levels of a key heart stress marker.

To support its role in heart health, Bio-Quinone Q10 is also available in other countries as a licenced medicine for heart failure.

Fighting statin side-effects: 29%
Perhaps the most interesting result uncovered by the Danish supplement manufacturer is that twentynine per cent of their Q10 consumers take it to counteract statin side effects. A recent paper from Kentucky University, USA, published in Angiology, revealed that more than one in ten statin users suffer from muscle pain and weakness, sometimes labelled statin myopathy. Researchers declared that this is a
“significant problem” that is given “no emphasis” by clinical investigators.

A 2007 study in the American Journal of Cardiology suggests that a Q10 supplement may alleviate some symptoms of statin myopathy. The understanding is that as cholesterol-lowering drugs effectively block the synthesis of LDL cholesterol, they simultaneously disrupt the body's endogenous production of coenzyme Q10, which should be abundant in the liver, heart and skeletal muscles. Muscle energy
metabolism, if impaired, may lead to the development of myopathy and the fatigue symptoms often described by statin users.

Further support for this link between diminished Q10 levels and statin use can be seen in Canada, where it is a legal requirement for statin drugs to carry a precautionary warning about coQ10 depletion.

A proven formula
Pharma Nord's Q10 range has been sold throughout Europe for over 20 years and has featured in over 80 clinical trials, thanks to its high bio-availability and safety record. The patented oil-based preparation ensures that all the Q10 crystals are dissolved small enough to be taken up by the body. Pharmaceutical standard manufacturing and blister-packaging ensure that the product is consistent, active and good enough to go into hospitals.


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